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Power Play Juggernaut Iron Set
Assembled By WGGC


The Power Play Juggernaut are our hottest and longest irons to date. These hollow bodied irons possess an unsupported, super thin specialty face insert, which is devised to flex the face like a titanium driver to maximize ball speed and distance. The face is approximately 25% thinner than a typical cast iron to not only boost the COR near the legal limit, but also save valuable weight that can be used elsewhere to increase trajectory and maximize forgiveness.

Club Loft Lie Offset Standard Length* Available
#5 Iron 24º 61.25º 5.7 mm 38″ RH
#6 Iron 27º 62º 5.3 mm 37.5″ RH
#7 Iron 31º 62.5º 4.6 mm 37″ RH
#8 Iron 35º 63º 3.7 mm 36.5″ RH
#9 Iron 40º 63.5º 2.8 mm 36″ RH
PW 45º 64º 2.0 mm 35.5″ RH

Fit and assembled to your exact specifications in Tallapoosa, Georgia

As with all golf manufacturers West Georgia Golf Company warrants to the original consumer only, that golf clubs assembled under the brand name Bridges or West Georgia Golf Company will be free from defects in materials and workmanship during normal use for 5 years from the original date of purchase providing that the consumer presents proof of purchase in the form of an original cash register receipt from West Georgia Golf Company and the golf club has not been abused, altered, misused, or damaged through the act or neglect of the consumer or a third party.

  • Please include the following information to the Order Notes section at the time of checkout; if not included one of our knowledgeable team members will contact you so we can assemble your irons to your exact specifications. The necessary information includes age (A), height (HT), weight (WT), the measurement of your right middle finger to the floor while standing at attention in street shoes (FF), the measurement of your right wrist to the floor while standing at attention in street shoes WF), the measurement from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger of your glove hand (or glove size) (HL), your current set of irons including shaft type and flex (if available) (CS), the distance of your current 7 iron under normal playing conditions (if available) (DT) and your undesired shot pattern (miss) ; push, slice, pull or hook (if available) (SP)



Additional information

Gender & Dexterity

Men's Right Hand, Lady's Right Hand

Set Makeup


Shaft & Flex

Nippon NS Pro Light Weight Steel Regular Flex, Nippon NS Pro Light Weight Steel Stiff Flex, Graphite Design G-Tech Graphite Light Flex, Graman R70 Graphite Regular Flex, Graman M70 Graphite Stiff Flex, Velocity Graphite Lady's Flex


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