Over the course of the last few years “custom fit” has become the new buzz phrase with locations making the claim that they are Georgia’s leader, boasting on the number of fitting possibilities or that they are involved in the final assembly; noting with these claims a fitting can cost you up to $500!  Friends, we have been in the golf industry and fitting longer than many of these businesses have been open. West Georgia Golf Company has been family owned and operated since 1983 not including the years of design, assembly, and repair that took place within the basement of our home. Even after 35 plus years we still strive daily to improve your golf game through the knowledge and understanding of the components and dynamics of a golf club, how they should be married together and how these can impact your game. Maybe this is why we have some of the leading manufacturers, PGA professionals, elite college players and amateurs contact us to fit, assemble and repair their equipment. Can fitting a golf club to your golf game change your game…possibly and we have the latest fitting technology and components from Bridgestone, Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Titleist and Ping plus the knowledge to know when maybe just a small adjustment to your swing or to your existing golf club is all you need. How? Once a fitting is completed, we welcome you to take our suggestion to the course before you make the purchase; just another way we ensure your confidence in our decision. This honesty is what truly sets us apart and the reason people seek us out, knowing we are not here to sell you a game but improve the game you have. I invite you to call and schedule your personal fitting today.

                                     Please note the Fit Fee is $50.00 per hour when a purchase is not being made.