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Outstanding Service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 31, 2023

I’ve been coming to West Georgia Golf for many years. I have played with their Bridges brand clubs as well as used them for repairs when needed over the years. I’m retired now and play with a regular group. We enjoy visiting WGG from time to time to look around as well as have new grips or a shaft installed. Today, I had a set of clubs regripped for a family member as a gift. The short time to install these was extraordinary and most appreciated. Service at West Georgia Golf is well beyond anything you’ll find elsewhere. Thanks for today’s fine work!

Ron Gilstrap

5th Generation Golfer

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 1, 2021

This is the 5th generation of golfers you have supplied with golf clubs. He is Daniel G Penny IV. He takes lessons from the pro at Duran Golf Club in Viera, FL. Of his driver, the Pro said “this is perfect. Where did you get it?” My son proudly said, “from West Georgia Golf. My Dad has used them for us kids for more than 35 years.” Now I’m using y’all for my grand kids.

Many thanks for the memories.

Mr. Penny

Well Worth The Money

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 1, 2021

Just thought I would like to know; I was finally able to hit my new irons yesterday. They are really great, I was hitting an average of 10 to as much as 20 yards further than with my old clubs. In addition, I was hitting much straighter.

Thank you again for your efforts and skill in making my clubs. I will tell anyone interested that your clubs are as marketed, and certainly well worth the money.

Robert Swatzell

XDS Driver

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 1, 2021

Received my XDS driver today and, of course, I went to the range and even played a few holes to try it out.

Love it.

Thank you so much and I really liked the packing slip signed by everyone – I am saving it and will probably show it to anyone who asks about the driver. I will put it in a protective sleave so it will hold up.

One recommendation I would have is to include a head cover and make it one with WGC in big letters and maybe even all the signatures printed on it. I may even put a tag where it would normally indicate 1 for driver but make it a business card holder with your info inside.

I bought this one on a recommendation from a friend who had one and when people ask about this one, I will pass on the info. He is still in Georgia and we both have bought clubs and sets from you over the years – typical of us Delta Air Lines folks.

Again, thank you and it will be in the game on Monday. I run the Monday and Friday groups her at Del Webb Spruce Creek GCC in Summerfield, FL. We have 4 nines and rotate the combination each week.

John Ruff